Rumors Spread of Stablecoin Collapse May Influence Fluctuations in Buyback Amount | De-Value of Reserve Assets By 2023

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There could be huge losses associated with spreading news surrounding the collapse of USDT and USDC. This has led some top investors to lose faith in Tether.

Reserve assets

Source: Tether’s Q1 2022 assurance report
Source: Tether’s Q1 2022 assurance report

Total market cap & buyback amount

  1. Hit by extreme market conditions, the project team does not have enough funds to pay for massive redemptions. This would result in poor liquidity performance of the stablecoin, which leads to its depeg.
  2. The stablecoin suffers from malicious shorting and scandals, which leads to market panic and causes a run. In the end, the stablecoin depegs due to insufficient liquidity.

Transaction statistics

The on-chain transaction trend of USDT
The on-chain transaction trend of USDC



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